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Self Deffense

This class is designed to teach how to defend against any attacker- even those who are significantly bigger in size. Realistic attacks will be simulated during the training class, while you practice the right way to escape and get to safety.

The self-deffense techniques which are taught in this class use also Jiu Jitsu fundamentals.

Women in Charge

Our Jiu Jitsu classes for woman include effective self-defense techniques and preventions against getting raped or abused. The class is mainly focused to show how you protect yourself from common attacks and stay safe even the attacker is stronger or taller than you.

In addition to self-defense movements it helps also to improve the physical and mental condition and brings your fitness to the next level.

Cross Fight

Cross fight is varied functional movements performed at high intensity. All Cross fight exercises are based on functional movements like gymnastics, weightlifting, running, rowing and more. It includes a strength and conditioning program. During cross fight exercises you can improve many different physical skills like flexibility, agility, coordination, accuracy and balance. You will also build up your endurance and your muscles will get more strength.

One Cross fight Training lasts one hour and it includes:

– Warm- up;
– Skills development connected with strength exercises;
– 10 – 20 min high intensive Conditioning training;
– Stretching.

Try it, you will see and feel your progress
P.S. You will also get a nice shape 🙂

Jiu Jitsu

About Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) also known as “the gentle art“.
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a martial art that is based on grappling with emphasis on ground fighting. The main focus lies in the skill of controlling one`s opponent through special techniques like chokeholds, joint locks, etc. During training sessions student are taught to end the fight voluntarily, also called a submission, once a technique is applied correctly in order to prevent injuries.
The concept of BJJ is that a smaller, weaker person can defend themselves successfully against a stronger opponent by using leverage and proper technique. The techniques taught in BJJ are also very effective for self deffense in real life situations which is one of the reasons this martial art has gained a lot of interest in recent years.
Repetitive drilling of the technique and sparring or “rolling” as it is called in the BJJ community in order to learn the appropriate way to apply the different techniques in actual combat situations are highly emphasized.
BJJ is not only a martial art for competing, it is also a sport for progressing and improving your physical fitness, building character and sharping your mind.

Self Deffense
Women in Charge
Cross Fight
Jiu Jitsu

BJJ History

The origins of Jiu Jitsu can be traced back to India where it was practiced by Buddhist monks. These monks created special self- defense techniques which included principles of balance and leverage to defeat opponents. Jiu Jitsu was spread from Southeast Asia to China through the expansion of Buddhism and arrived in Japan as well where it developed further and became the main form of hand to hand combat for the Samurai warriors of Japan.
The Japanese JiuJitsu and Judo master Mitsuyo Maeda, also known as “Conde Koma“ (Count of Combat) travelled to other countries and continents to teach others the martial arts. In 1915 Koma made his way to Brazil. Where he met a local police man named George Gracie. After their meeting Koma taught Jiu Jitsu to George`s son Carlos Gracie, who shared his knowledge with his brothers. In 1925 the Gracie family opened Brazil`s first Jiu Jitsu academy. Carlos and his brothers modified and improved the techniques they learned in such a way that it was no longer based on just the original principles of what they were taught by Koma. In fact, these techniques were so distinctive to Carlos and his brothers that the sport became attached to a national identity and is now commonly known as “Brazilian Jiu Jitsu”.


The Coach

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Born in 1987 in Sao Paulo – Brazil, Victor Franca Duarte began his jiu jitsu career at the age of 17, with Caique de Souza Machado that introduced him to the smooth art. After having won lots of experience also as personal trainer, he became a student from Mauricio da Silva, black belt from Barbosa team since 2008.

At the age of 29 Victor founded the Tirol Dragon BJJ as an instructor from his master Mauricio da Silva in Innsbruck – Austria. The Tirol Dragon BJJ continued to grow more and more every year, becoming one of the most important Brazilian Jiu Jitsu schools from Tirol.


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